Adult Coloring Books!

Casey Design Adult Coloring Book Free Art
Casey Design Adult Coloring Book Free Art

Adult Coloring books are the new thing!

Dick Blick Colored Pencil Sets

I went to buy a new set of colored pencils at Dick Blick Art Supplies here in Minneapolis and all their colored pencils sets were sold out!  I don’t remember that ever happening before.  It’s great to see people who haven’t had the experience of creating a whole piece of art experience the sensation or at least a big part of it.  I have posted a detailed “Sword and Sorcery” adult coloring book image for free that anyone can download and print.  I am thinking of making a series like this for people who like this type of subject matter and level of detail in a coloring image.  I hope someone out there enjoys it.

Albert-Einstein smallThe more art in our culture the better.  If it can rehabilitate murderers, who knows the power of art and creativity.  Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge.


* To download the coloring image and save it or print it, just click on it and when it openns the original image, click again holding down control on a Mac or alt click on a PC and choose “save” or “print”.  Here is an alternative link to the artwork above in case the other doesn’t work: CaseyDesignColoringArt  Here is an additional option to download a PDF version: CaseyDesignColoringArt