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New Adult Coloring Book Page

New Adult Coloring Book Page

Hey all,

Here is another adult coloring book page in the Sword and Sorcery genre. Enjoy the “Spell Casting Wizard! Click on the image and right click to save or print.  Color the laser print with ink, markers or pencils or if you own Adobe Photoshop, open the image and create a new layer on top of the black line art of the wizard (make sure the color mode is RGB and not grayscale) and set the blending mode of this new blank layer to “multiply” and color away.  The color will show up and not affect the black lines underneath.

My next post will be a review of the creative placement agencies in the Twin Cities, their value to  creative freelancers, as well as ratings and lists of their characteristics and quality of service.

Until then, download a wizard or warrior, color and cool out. 🙂

New Adult Coloring Book Art

McaseyColoringPage02“Warrior Attacked by a Demon”


I hope some people ran across the last post with the coloring book page of the woman with the large scimitar sword and the dragon.  I decided to stay with the “Sword and Sorcery” theme for now, since I haven’t seen any adult coloring books with that content yet.

Here’s the new page.  Enjoy! Just control click and save the image on a Mac or right click with your mouse on a PC to download or print the jpeg file.


Watch out for Trends

Berkshire Home Solutions
Berkshire Home Solutions Visual Identity

I was walking up the stairs of a local building last week, when I looked over to my right, I was happy to see a traditional visual identity I created 10 years ago still in use!  The visual identity I designed for Andy Filer and Berkshire Home Solutions was still being used on their signage and other marketing materials.

Casey Design Berkshire Logo
Berkshire Home Solution Building Signage


My typography and graphic design instructors must have been right, when they said to watch  out for being too trendy with typography and graphic design.  I see now that the consequence is when the trend passes, the work looks dated or just plain ridiculous.  A good example are the “Futurist” fonts of the 1980’s, the “Disco”typefaces of the 1970’s or the “Psychedelic” display type of the 1960’s.  Great at the time, but stuck in their era.  If your design is meant to last over decades, used tried-and-true design and typography conventions.



Adult Coloring Books!

Casey Design Adult Coloring Book Free Art
Casey Design Adult Coloring Book Free Art

Adult Coloring books are the new thing!

Dick Blick Colored Pencil Sets

I went to buy a new set of colored pencils at Dick Blick Art Supplies here in Minneapolis and all their colored pencils sets were sold out!  I don’t remember that ever happening before.  It’s great to see people who haven’t had the experience of creating a whole piece of art experience the sensation or at least a big part of it.  I have posted a detailed “Sword and Sorcery” adult coloring book image for free that anyone can download and print.  I am thinking of making a series like this for people who like this type of subject matter and level of detail in a coloring image.  I hope someone out there enjoys it.

Albert-Einstein smallThe more art in our culture the better.  If it can rehabilitate murderers, who knows the power of art and creativity.  Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge.


* To download the coloring image and save it or print it, just click on it and when it openns the original image, click again holding down control on a Mac or alt click on a PC and choose “save” or “print”.  Here is an alternative link to the artwork above in case the other doesn’t work: CaseyDesignColoringArt  Here is an additional option to download a PDF version: CaseyDesignColoringArt

Vikings vs. Seahawks!

Seahawks vs. Vikings

The whole family is going to the game here in Minnesota! It will be chilly since we’re still in the in the outdoor stadium! Go Vikings!

I created a graphic in Photoshop to celebrate! Hope we’re as happy going home as we are on the way there! 🙂  Either way it sure was great seeing the Vikings become Division Champs and beat Green Bay last game! Sorry Packer Backers! Can’t win em’ all.