Month: <span>March 2012</span>

WordPress vs. Traditional Web Sites

Hey All,

As most of you already know, we are going through a web transformation in term of techniques and authoring tools.

  • Flash video is slowly being eclipsed by HTML5 formats like H.264 an MPEG4
  • WordPress is taking more and more market share from traditional web site creation tools like Adobe Dreamweaver
  • SEO with Google now has to account for location of the viewer and has thrown much of old SEO out the window

The main thing I want to discuss today is web site creation. I have created and worked with both WordPress CMS style sites and traditional HTML, CSS and Javascript based sites for years. Now I have many clients saying they want their site created in WordPress because someone told them that’s the only smart way to do a web site. It doesn’t matter to them that their are design limitations, certain code compatibility issues and that certain things just don’t work easily within the WordPress model.

Although it’s a great tool, and I am using it for this blog, the hype has far surpassed the reality.

What do you think? Does every client need a WordPress site? Should we advise people of the options or just give them what they want? Is this the end of creative web site design? Will we all become “Theme Creators”? Let me know your thoughts and experiences.

In our Web Tech section of the blog are some options I like to tell my new customers about who think they have to have a WordPress site. Good to know the options.

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See our Web Tech Section of the blog for a Comparison of WordPress vs. Traditional Site Design Options

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Live Video Interview On-Line

Hi All,

Last week we interviewed Marketing Director, Marshall Johnson of Pink Mist Tech,  live on My Video for the Web class at Minnesota School of Business did the whole thing. They arranged the lights and set, cameras, mixer, hook-up to Ustrem, script and interview. They did the whole thing in one week using MSB equipment and studios. I was there to guide and assist in overall direction and coordination.  I was quite proud of them. It’s not 100% perfect, but is really good under these circumstances.

Here’s the video and the link:

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