Custom Tattoo Design & Flash Art

Tattoo designs and tattooing in black & gray, blackwork, dot work, and vibrant color

I am always learning and improving as an artist in general, especially in tattoo design and tattooing. Tattooing is such an art form in itself.

I design tattoos with the rules of composition and design in mind, as well as the important aspects of tattooing that are always important to keep in mind.

Awareness of placement on the body, size, effects of time, and how tattooing affects the skin, is just as important as art and design. 

Any professional tattoo artist always prioritizes the health and safety of the person receiving a tattoo. Therefore, it is essential that all procedures and equipment are prepared and handled properly. Only sterile, packaged needles and high-quality equipment should be used.

A solid methodology and safety procedure is always essential to creating a tattoo.

I have completed the five-hour course and received my Blood Pathogen Safety Certification for Body Art Practitioners, which is required by my state.

Besides the safety essentials, the artist's skill and training is important. I have completed Neo-traditional Tattooing, Tattooing Basics, and Essential Tattooing Skills courses.

I am currently enrolled in multiple courses for professional artists offered by "10 Masters":

  • Realistic Black and Gray Tattooing
  • Realistic Color Tattooing
  • Blackwork Tattooing

I have practiced extensively on synthetic skin and tattooed myself before ever tattooing on clients. 

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