A Little About Me

  • I have been an artist all my life.
  • BFA from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.
  • MBA from Minnesota School of Business.
  • Full-time positions in advertising agencies, marketing firms and graphic design studios for six years.
  • Attained position of Director of New Media at JGI Communications in Minneapolis for three years.
  • Established Casey Digital Design, my design and communications company, serving clients for 20 years.
  • Maintained memberships in networking and public speaking groups.
  • Designed courses and taught graphic design and new media in the classroom for six years.
  • Managed the CMS migration of five medical department websites for The University of Minnesota Medical School.
  • Online and in-person instructor of Adobe applications, website design and traditional artistic skills since 2020.

My Commitment To My Clients

  • Resource for consistent, high quality design, digital communications and professional consultation.
  • Adherence to our industry ethical, professional and best practices guidelines.
  • Continuous development of our expertise through ongoing education, research and understanding of new and emerging technology.
  • Creative evolution of our skills and resources to provide our customers with the highest quality artwork, digital design and communication services.

The Right Solution

We offer high quality art, digital design and consulting at reasonable prices. We promise to provide responsible and professional service, backed by years of creative and technical experience.  We provide all our customers with consistently effective, innovative and creative communication solutions that generate results.

Our loyal, long term customers will attest to the value of working with us. Whether you're in need of professional skills development, website design, professional graphic arts, digital marketing or consulting, we are an effective solution for your business.

Let us show you how we can resolve any challenges facing your business, make you money and help grow your business.

Michael L. Casey

Owner: Michael L. Casey Photography: Anna Sophia Casey



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