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Casey Digital Design
 offers website designdigital graphics, photography imaging, SEO, digital marketing and consulting. We work exclusively with small and medium size businesses, giving them an edge in professional digital design, marketing and communications usually reserved for large corporations.. We have been in the digital media and design industry for over twenty years. Our clients are primarily small businesses, startup and online companies that value the personal service and attention we provide, without the complexity and expense of supporting their own in-house department. We work in all types of media. We create hardcopy and digital versions of printed pieces and all our websites are designed to be responsive and adapt to the users smart phone, digital tablet or computer monitor. We support our website development with strategic SEO, based on proven research methods, as well as content rich pages and relevant content. my_profile_pic

We Create Responsive Websites

Beyond our design services, we integrate digital marketing campaigns into our web related media based on solid, strategic planning. We are educated and experienced in employing Google Analytics, email marketing campaigns, social media integration and multi-channel marketing to reach our customers target markets. Effective SEO today is much more than keywords and titles, it’s relevant content, link analysis, analytics knowledge and how to use, apply, analyze and understand the data and report results. Understanding today’s network of channels and digital media gives our customers a powerful digital media voice.

We’re Aware of Changes in Digital Communications

Changes to law and regulations such as The Americans with Disabilities Act and Internet Accessibility for the Blind, The Personal Data Privacy and Security Act, HIPAA or The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act are things any quality web developer should be aware of as they are instituted. We stay in touch with important public and private changes to Internet related rules and regulations that affect our customers.

We Care About Our Clients

Our clients are primarily repeat and long term customers. Positive experiences with Casey Digital Design help us retain our loyal customers. We feel it is our ethical obligation and commitment to our clients to always be dependable, responsible and communicate in a clear and timely manner. We strive to deliver 100% of our expertise and experience to achieve our clients goals. Our customers success is what’s important, not winning awards or recognition for ourselves.

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Michael L. Casey
Principle of Casey Digital Design


* All work shown on this website is the work of  artist/designer/developer Michael L. Casey, Casey Digital and it’s associates is protected by copyright.