Why Use Just One Tool?

Why try to build a house with just a hammer? There are many great effects that can be created by combining media. Personally I like to combine colored ink, fine black ink and watercolor pencil. The great thing with this combination is permanent ink stays in place while watercolor pencil can be used like actual watercolors. Adding brush and water lets the artist finesse the pencil detail without affecting the permanent ink.

Today's mixed-media combines traditional media and digital tools. Technology allows today's artist to merge photography, digitized work and use software tools to create unique artistic images never possible in the past.

Drawing is Foundation

Drawing is the artist's basic tool and the framework, the structure of all art. The skills of composition, technique and communication all start in drawing.

Like most artists, I started off drawing. I've always loved the simplicity of it. Drawing takes just the skill of the creator, a sheet of paper and a simple pencil and becomes a piece of art. I have drawn from examples, books, life and anatomy guides to develop the ability to draw figures from imagination. Of all the skills I've worked on over the years, I feel learning to freehand draw the figure in motion is the most valuable skill I've developed. Even with the range of digital shortcuts available to the artist, we all benefit from more drawing.