Month: <span>June 2011</span>

Apple OS 10.7 Lion is Coming!

Hey All,

Anyone taken the time to see the direction Apple is taking with the new Lion version of Mac OSX?

It looks like many new features that have questionable value and a complete break with the older Power PC friendly software?

My question is what will stop working that I use now?

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I Am Living at MSB College

Hi Everyone,

I have been substitute teaching six different classes this week, so I have been spending ten to twelve hours a day at the Richfield, Minnesota technology division of Minnesota School of Business. In fact I am there right now and have been since 10:25 AM and it’s almost 9:00 PM… Good to be busy. 🙂

Plan Ahead to Save Money

It sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how many times this happens…

Make storyboards of what you plan to shoot!

The best way to save money on your next photo shoot or video is spend the extra time to create tight and detailed storyboards. It’s much cheaper to create storyboards than to re-shoot video or photos because of poor planning.