Month: February 2017

Fix Apple Keyboard Function Keys

Ever have one important key go out on a keyboard and don’t want to buy a new keyboard over one key? Here is a way to work around a broken command, control or option key by remapping another key to do it’s job. This is on a Mac using Mavericks 10.9.5 OS:

Go to the System Preferences located in the Dock:

Locate the Keyboard setting

At the bottom of the dialog box, select “Modifier Keys”

After clicking on “Modifier Keys’ you’ll see the default settings for the command, control, option and cap lock modifier keys. By default they all match their original name, but they can also be remapped to do the same thing when other keys are pressed.

Remap the key of your choice to the new modifier key by changing the function the key applies. In my case I changed the control key’s function to “option key”

Exit the settings by clicking “ok”

Now the key you remapped will apply that broken keys function. In my case now my control key acts as the option key.

Secure Your Website & Improve SEO

Google has announced they will be giving preferential ranking to secure websites over sites that it considers insecure and those having “mixed content” or secure and insecure items.

  • How do I know if this affects my website?
  • If you have a HTTP based website it affects your site.

One indicator is seeing an icon of the letter “i” in a circle in your url address bar at the top of your web browser. This indicates a website is insecure according to Google’s new ranking criteria. The traditional “http” website prefix will also be different on a secure website. A secure site is indicated by the prefix “https” vs. “http”. This issue is easiest to fix in WordPress based websites by locating and installing particular plug-ins and the understanding of how to configure them.

Google’s intention is to increase security for users of the Internet. One disadvantage is the change may cause problems with a website’s previously established search engine rankings. This is particularly true in the area of social media popularity and traffic rankings. Either choice creates problems:

  • Make the change to a secure website and meet the new Google security standard, but potentially hurt previous SEO efforts
  • Ignore the new security requirements and keep previous social media SEO, yet have your website appear insecure.

I personally feel the benefit in my particular situation lies in following the path of security laid out by Google. Since they dominate the SEO and Search markets, they will set the standard and eventually the benefits of keeping those social media benefits will be outweighed by the loss of SEO benefits and customer confidence that your website is secure.

*A safe middle ground might be devising a strategy to inform your social media channels of this change and start planning on ways to circumvent some of the social media dropoff. Consult with your digital marketing and web development consultant on creating a plan to inform, prepare and then make the leap from insecure HTTP over to a certified and secure HTTPS website.

Protect Your Rights!

Show your stance on social issues in a way that makes a difference: Your financial support. This link contains links to and descriptions of organizations and agencies that are reputable and make a real difference. Even if you can only spare a dollar, those dollars enable these groups to protect the rights of many Americans.

Airbrush Wolf

MichaelCaseyWolf1990Before there was Photoshop, there was airbrush! I remember spending many hour learning to airbrush, until I discovered Photoshop. It was amazing what you could do with it compared to a traditional brush and it added an “undo” button! This wolf painting is an original work I created in airbrush and fine sable brushes for a commission for a friend in 1990. Sorry about the transparent white signature over the wolf, just trying to slow down art “borrowing” of my work online. Hope you like it!