Month: <span>January 2012</span>

Adobe Edge – HTML5 and CSS3


I am checking out Adobe Edge, the new authoring tool from Adobe to address the need for a HTML5, CSS3 creation tool.

Seems quite a bit like the Flash interface, so good news if you know Flash and bad if you hate it. I hope it is an improvement over Flash CS5.

Right now Edge is free and there is a ton of learning materials available.

Here’s the link:

P.S. Also don’t forget to get the HTML5 addition to Dreamweaver.

Hire New People

Remember when you were in school and wondering if could make it in this industry? Business owners in the creative field should try to use new people in the industry and teach them the way YOU work.

New designers and creatives don’t have an accumulation of bad habits. If they are responsible, can take direction and have decent social skills they might be a great new team member. This generation is also on the bleeding edge of technology, which could also bring new light to the direction of your business.

It’s just good energy to be a mentor and help someone get started, like someone did for us when we were brand new.

HTML 5 and Adobe Flash

Sorry I have been off the blog for awhile. I have been doing research in all kinds of new areas.

The one I want to talk about next is HTML5 for video/web and it’s relationship to Adobe Flash. there is so much truth and fiction about what’s happening from Adobe Edge being developed as a GUI solution for designers to others saying Adobe will be out of this area (Very doubtful.) I will be covering what I find out over the next week or two. Please help me fill out this area with what you have heard on this topic.