Healthy Eating!

Just launched a new website for Michigan Urban GreensTry out delicious and nutritous food at  Michigan Urban Greens!Michigan Urban Greens grows healthy microgreens in a small footprint, vertical growing environment.…

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Light at the End of the Tunnel

Like many of us, I have found the Covid-19 pandemic a frustrating, tragic and immobilizing experience in many ways. Those of lucky enough to have the virus pass over us…

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The Dark Web

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Peeking Into The Dark A brief glimpse into the Dark Web shows are level of vulnerability. People looking for digital information and tools to commit crimes go to covert websites…

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Left Brain & Right Brain People a Myth

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No Right Brain & Left Brain My son Adam had mentioned that new studies had shown that they have debunked the theory of dominant right and left brain hemispheres. I…

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Secure Your Website & Improve SEO

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Google has announced they will be giving preferential ranking to secure websites over sites that it considers insecure and those having "mixed content" or secure and insecure items. How do I know…

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