The Dark Web

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Peeking Into The Dark

A brief glimpse into the Dark Web shows are level of vulnerability. People looking for digital information and tools to commit crimes go to covert websites like we might go to Amazon. Instead of everyday items, they are their shopping carts, and they do look and act like ecommerce shopping carts, to buy credit card information, personal identification data and Paypal information. They also sell software designed for all levels of intrusion and control of computers and networks connected to the internet. The better the stolen information or the intrusion software, the higher the price.

Digital Money & Invisible People

Transactions can go on through anonymous, encrypted data transfers and online accounts many, many users deep. People can hide who they really are creating a user or business name or email, etc. to create an account, then that one to create another account, etc. The end result is a twisted and tangled web of email addresses and scrambled ide

ntification. This is part of how digital criminals hide online. Another popular way to carry on this illegal and unethical business is through using the digital and anonymous currency of Bitcoin.

Improving Security

I plan to learn more to better protect myself and my clients and take the complete course on ethical hacker information and cyber security. I will post more as I learn things that may be of use. Watch your digital backs my friends.