ChatGPT and AI Tools Creating Garbage Kid's Books

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Greedy People Using AI Tools to Exploit Children and Parents

Self-publishers are getting sucked into get-rich scams that use AI tools like ChatGPT to generate terrible kids' books in mass and are flooding Amazon with garbage children's ebooks. This practice creates thousands of bad-quality or even unreadable kids' books that seem like normal books.

Having spent all the time, effort, creativity, and heart on my books Midnight Racer and Midnight Racer II, I know how much reflection and thought it takes to write books for children. When writing kids' books, the author should remember how the writing may affect kids reading the book and what parents will think of the story messages.

A greedy person using AI to create the most marketable kids' books written by AI as quickly as possible does not care what it writes for kids or what parents might think of the ebooks it churns out. Sadly these books are in the thousands, flooding the market, and look like real books.

There are a couple of great recent podcasts on how AI is being used in these ways to replace people, churn out, and market trash stories and kid's books. Fascinating and important facts to know: