Google Loves Mobile Ready Websites?

I have talked with a few friends in the Web and Internet related industries that shared with me there are some big changes coming if you have a “last generation” web site.  I have heard unconfirmed reports that Google made an  announcement that recent changes in the criteria they use for indexing or listing websites will start to favor responsive design websites, especially those with with a mobile component that makes them adapt easily to tablets, but especially those that adapt well to mobile phones.

Okay you say, so what?  Well, for many people, you’re exactly right.  If your website is created with a tool such as WordPress or Drupal by a seasoned designer, you’re probably already fine.  If you have a HTML based website or if your website is more than 4-5 years old, you might have a big problem.  If this is true, those mobile ready websites will come ahead of you in the listings.  I recommend you send a text, email or call your web person and ask if your site is designed with responsive design and mobile devices in mind.  The issue is that if this is true, you might see your website drop off the listings for a favorite keyword and be replaced by some upstart competitor who just has invested in current website technology.  If I were an startup company, I would be sure to invest in a WordPress or other tool that is extremely mobile friendly from the start. If this is verified, which I am of course going to check out, the way websites are constructed and formatted will start truly affecting many sites listings and Search Engine Optimization.