Left Brain & Right Brain People a Myth

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No Right Brain & Left Brain

My son Adam had mentioned that new studies had shown that they have debunked the theory of dominant right and left brain hemispheres. I had to do some research and see what the facts were on this.

Well, I guess I can’t claim my artistic side comes from my right brain anymore. I feel silly now looking back on recommending the book “Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain” to my design students. I guess we should all stop saying we are “left or right brained” people.

Scientific research has now shown that everyone actively uses both sides of their brains for creative and analytic tasks. All the techniques to develop the separate hemispheres of the brain, if they do anything, are not because we have dominant hemispheres of the brain.

Science progresses and we often find “truth” becomes myth. The science that was based on personality linked to bumps on one’s head and the idea of falling off the flat earth now seem ridiculous. Now the right and left brain belief has been shown to be untrue. All of us, like myself, who believed this “fact” now seem pretty stupid. From now on I won’t be claiming that the right or left brain was a cause of this or that phenomenon. Sorry if this blew your creative right or mathematical left hemisphere!

There is a link to the science behind this discovery here.