Google Chrome Unfriendly to Flash

google and flash imageGoogle says Google Chrome, Google’s Web Browser, will soon stop Flash content from streaming when in loads into a webpage in Chrome, as well as offer Chrome users ways to stop or bypass Flash content entirely. This information will be good to understand and take action on for any web developers still developing streaming content for their customers web sites using Adobe Flash.  Standard websites that contain large areas of embedded Flash content should also look at how what action to take to be prepared for this change.  If this applies to your website, you’ll also want to read these links related to Flash and Google taking steps to stop Flash content running from running in the Goggle Chrome web browser:

This and the announcement by Google Search that they will favor mobile ready, responsive websites over older websites with technology that isn’t responsive to mobile device, such as sites constructed only with computer users in mind, has sent some ripples of change through the web based business community over the last few months.  Follow these helpful links below for more on this change: