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Watch Out for Keyword Conflicts

Hey Casey Design Group Friends!

Take a look at the keywords used in your web site and check for logical inconsistencies. If search engines detect your sites keywords are not properly defined, based on the site content, it could hurt your search engine position. Avoid lots of vague keywords for a dozen or so powerful phrases relevant to your site.

Google Analytics

Finishing an in-depth course on Google Analytics. I suggest anyone who has a web site and wants to have it perform as a business marketing tool install it. Right away you can track where traffic is coming from, what keywords are being used to find you and a treasure chest of other tools.

Google Stops Tracking Hidden Keywords

Interesting info on search engines. You may already know this, but keywords inside web pages are no longer tracked by Google. Yahoo and MSN will still look at those keyword tags, but Google is most interested in what it says on the sites pages.

This is a good reminder to talk in depth about what you do in your web site than about your company name and jargon only familiar to your industry.

Add SEO Value with a Facebook Group

Want to add more search engine value to your site easily? Create and maintain a Facebook group related to your business.

If you are not a Facebook member already, become one and create a Facebook group. If you are uncomfortable with the web, ask your web site designer to create the account for you and the group. You can always take it over later when you feel ready.

Once you have created the group, e-mail friends on your list and see who likes the group and will join.

Once a week or so log in and add some useful information on what you do that will be helpful to the group members.

This will make you and what you do more visible on the web.