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Casey Digital Design Logo BlueWelcome! If you are here because we have already done business together, you and I have met, you were referred to us or you found us on the web, whatever the reason you’re here, we are glad to have you!

Over the years as Casey Design, we have created visual communications materials such as logos and visual identities,  interface designs, illustrations, print graphics, interactive and educational graphics, but our primary services have always been related to digital media and the Internet.  One of those services has always been website design, development and consulting. We have evolved with the industry as we transitioned from the Web, to the “Web 2.0” to today’s CMS based web systems.  We are constantly changing and learning as the digital communication field evolves and we have the legacy of experience that provide a dynamic range of skills, a frame of reference and a broad understanding of the Internet. A new evolving business entity that is new in the digital communications field may have been on social media quite a bit, but they have no solid legacy of experience behind them.  The same is true with an “Internet” company that has a division for digital media or uses contractors that create their digital media for them.

Increased Channels for Marketing Communications

Michael L. Casey
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Michael L. Casey

Depending on our clients goals and intentions, we can expand the range of communications and combine digital and traditional communication tools for powerful, multi-channel, marketing campaigns.  We have experience not only in visual communications like graphic, media and website design, email marketing, analytics and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but we also understand how to blend and combine traditional media and techniques such as direct mail, trade shows, print media, electronic display media and outdoor advertising with the digital side of marketing. Our experience and contacts built from managing and working with all types of communications professionals, gives us access to a wide range of services we tailor to our customers specific needs. We make your business and brand more powerful and memorable through proven marketing and communications methods with digital communication channels as our primary tool with measureable results.  Our clients are primarily repeat and long time clients and they have positive results using Casey Digital Design.

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