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Michael L. Casey and Casey Digital Design provide you with effective, innovative, creative solutions, built upon insightful use of today’s most powerful digital communication tools. We utilize the most effective and proven of the myriad of available techniques to save you time, money and effort.  We communicate your brand and message to people who want to hear it, not to everyone you can afford to reach. We target your message, to the right individuals, that are most likely to respond and take positive action! We want your customers to be happy to hear from and about you, not consider you a source of unwanted solicitation.  We employ our experience and knowledge so you use the best practices, methods and channels to promote your business through the best brand and marketing strategy.

We have been designing powerful and proven communications media for our clients for 20 years. Today we apply those powerful, proven methods, through today’s digital tools and channels for the best of both worlds and the most effective end results. We create mobile friendly, responsive and effective websites, targeted email marketing and integrated marketing campaigns. We can make your brand more powerful, memorable, and improve your campaign effectiveness in digital markets through ongoing campaigns that have measureable results.

Who is Casey Design?

“In 2012, Casey Digital Design, the redesigned and restructured Casey Design Group, was launched.  Our intention was to have an even greater focus on digital communications and media. We moved away from older technologies and now focus on targeted digital marketing, responsive website design and analysis. We are evolving with our perpetually changing world of digital communications. We are applying only today’s most effective digital tools and following the best digital communications and design practices for the easiest to use, most attractive and best online experience for your customers.


We can help you reach your particular audience 24 hours a day through multiple media. You can increase your brand identity and online visibility through targeted and effective email marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and a clear social media presence, that gently, yet powerfully, directs your customers to your website.  We can help design your website to receive your incoming traffic, provide a pleasant visitor experience and make it easy for your customers, for an excellent, desired final outcome.  Our customers receive this professional level of quality service and personal service and a smaller final invoice.”

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