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Welcome to the Casey Design 2.0 website!

Casey Design 2.0 is an website design, online marketing and technical consultant for international corporations to local business clients. Since 1996, Casey Design Group and Casey Design 2.0, have specialized in all forms of graphic design, communications and marketing. In 2012 Casey Design 2.0, the new, redesigned and restructured business which launched, with a new direction, focusing on online marketing and digital media design.  Our new focus is on moving away from other communications sectors and focusing on new communications tmy_profile_picechnology, adaptable website design, SEO, social and online marketing . Our clients profit through reaching the right online audiences through our SEO and social media services, present a professional image through beautiful, adaptable websites that are easy to navigate, which look great on any device and they profit from improved customer relationships and efficient and effective communications.  Our customers receive this professional quality of an expensive agency, with much better personal service and a smaller final invoice.

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