What’s up with Adobe Creative Suite CC?

I use Adobe Creative Suite all the time.  If for no other reason than the monolithic monopoly that is Adobe has killed off other creative software competition.  I digress into my pet peeve about Adobe killing innovation.  “Did you hear about the developer that came up with a better all in one creative solution than Adobe’s CC?”  No, and no one will ever hear anything from them again.”

Anyway, Adobe’s CC software manager prompted me today that there was a problem with my account and I needed to log in.  Well, that’s important to me, so I did.  It took me right to my “store options” to re-buy Adobe CC as “Adobe Creative Suite CC”  but first, I have to move to the Yosemite OSX.

Well, hell no, I’ll change my OS when I decide to do so, not when Adobe tells me I have to!  I don’t like Yosemite and didn’t like Mavericks either.  I have it at work and it looks flat and doesn’t support any of my slightly aged and super useful utility software and is more intrusive than the last few releases.  Can I keep my older CC version without any penalty in functioning properly?  When will it stop working?  Will it be free since since for many users not on Yosemite yet, are taking a big leap to do it and as of now it’s unsupported?  Quick! Go buy DVD versions of everything Adobe’s made from eBay! 🙂 

So Apple and Adobe, the two “Independent” and “Think Different” companies for creatives, have teamed up to force things on all of us with no alternatives.  What are we doing about it?  Should we just say the software is good and let it slide? Yet, there really isn’t an alternative.  Develop your own software?  Move to Siberia to take up dog sled racing?  Let me know if you even care that there is one big OS creator and one big software developer for the creative industry niche.

Note: Please no email about how the PC is used just as much by creatives, since we all know that’s wishful thinking by graphic designers who love and have always used Windows.