Watch out for Trends

Berkshire Home Solutions
Berkshire Home Solutions Visual Identity

I was walking up the stairs of a local building last week, when I looked over to my right, I was happy to see a traditional visual identity I created 10 years ago still in use!  The visual identity I designed for Andy Filer and Berkshire Home Solutions was still being used on their signage and other marketing materials.

Casey Design Berkshire Logo
Berkshire Home Solution Building Signage


My typography and graphic design instructors must have been right, when they said to watch  out for being too trendy with typography and graphic design.  I see now that the consequence is when the trend passes, the work looks dated or just plain ridiculous.  A good example are the “Futurist” fonts of the 1980’s, the “Disco”typefaces of the 1970’s or the “Psychedelic” display type of the 1960’s.  Great at the time, but stuck in their era.  If your design is meant to last over decades, used tried-and-true design and typography conventions.