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“She Who Would Be King” Episode 2: “Sasha”

Please Check out my new podcast “She Who Would Be King!”

In this second episode of “She Who Would Be King”, Annakah of Bananakah sails her mighty ships into the ocean, only to run into danger! Thunderstorms in the endless sea leave her and her crew lost. But, don’t worry. We know Annakah always defeats her fears, bad luck and trouble! Annakah never gives up! In “Sasha” she discovers mysteries, magic and maybe even meets some new friends and scary enemies! I think you’ll enjoy Episode 2: “Sasha”.

If your child, niece, little or big sister has a story of their own, I’d love to read it! Each month I would like to be able to make a listeners story into a full live podcast. Please email any stories to mcasey@caseydesign.com. Until the website is up, that is my  contact email. I will read all submitted stories. I’d love to feature young listeners work as much as possible! I may take some liberties in grammar, etc. to get the work online.

Please review this podcast. It really helps it get off the ground. If you enjoy “She Who Would Be King” or your kids do, please share it as much as possible. On digital channels or just by telling other parents, people who like kids and believe in strong, empowered girls.