Responsive Design Sales Champion!

Bon Auto Body Website before it's rebirth
Bon Auto Body Website before it’s rebirth

I sat down for with an existing client last night,
Bon Auto Body, to discussion the possibility of my redesigning their website. I created their current site years ago.  It is an attractive website, but it ready for a redesign from the ground up, since it is entirely created with HTML, Javascript and CSS. They have always been easy to work with and and the owner is a great guy.

The biggest challenge for any web designer or business owner is the sale.  I have meet with many business owners and representatives of corporations over the years.  In the past before I could be a designer and a developer, I hd to be a really good salesperson, explain persuasively why they should do anything at all with their website and why select me to do it?

I am an artist, designer and developer before I am a sales person.  My sales technique was always to be honest and personable, but this technology, when you demonstrate you know what you’re doing with the tools, just sells itself.  The great thing is, it isn’t a trick that in the end creates an angry customer.  If you know what you’re doing with the software and have some business and web development experience it’s a great way to literally exhibit the benefits!

The responsive design is my new sales champion! In the meeting I referred to above, I had my iPhone, my client had his and I also brought my iPad Mini and my laptop. He showed me his current site on his iPhone.  He said “You see why we have to do something..  The site was old school HTML.   It didn’t have any responsive attributes it was the size of the screen, so distant and tiny on his phone.  I agreed and told him I thought he was absolutely right.  I said “Take a look, my site is a responsive design, look at it on your phone, then I showed it to him on the iPad mini and then on my laptop, the site looked great was easy to use all 3 devices.  I didn’t have to sell him the idea, he was sold as soon as he saw what it would do for him and his business.  He’s an astute business person and he could instantly see it’s marketing value.  He knew from hiring years ago to build and design the old website we saw on his phone, that I stay up on Internet technology and am an experienced web designer. What a fantastic selling tool that delivers what it promises and creates satisfied customers!