Panoramic photo of the Mississippi River in downtown Saint Paul, Minnesota
Panoramic of the Mississippi River in downtown Saint Paul, Minnesota


We use photography as a tool to design our digital media, as well as capture our world around us. Whether shooting portraits photography for client websites, candid shots of life or people, we always bring a positive, creative approach to capturing a perception, composition or a moment of time. We have over 20 years experience in the imaging effects, photography, digital media and visual arts.  We use all digital tools and cameras.

We are experts in using Adobe Photoshop and After Effects for image and media development, image enhancement, retouching and custom image creation. We have the expertise to capture, correct, composite and compose your subject. We bring out an image's best qualities and inner beauty, whether it's an outdoor scene, an individual or the best image of an attractive business office.

Interior hallways of the renovated Schmidt Brewery Building in Saint Paul, Minnesota

We capture the best character of an location or environment. We work with a subject to bring out the person that goes with an impressive biography or we can simply capture groups of people or many individuals in a short time for your company's faculty directory.

We work efficiently and still capture the moment and character of the place or individual. Thanks to digital imaging we work quickly and shoot many quality images and select the best shots. This lets us select the best images to meet your specific needs, promote your brand or make your business stand out from your competition.


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