Midnight Racer!

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The digital assembly, illustrations, and formatting for my book Midnight Racer is finally complete. Just making small edits prior to posting it for sale online. It will be online on Amazon by November of 2022. The book is an adventure-superhero book primarily for kids from 8-14.

Here’s a quick overview that summarizes the book:

Alex Davis and his family have moved to a new neighborhood. Little does he know that the move will change his life. He encounters amazing secret technology and gains powers that make him more than an average kid. By day he has all the challenges of the average young man, but at night he fights crime with the help of an amazing supercar, artificial intelligence allies, and a power suit that gives him incredible strength and agility,

Can he keep up with being a kid and a life as a technological superhero? Will someone find out his secret? Can they stop the criminal mastermind trying to dominate the city?

Read Midnight Racer – Book One – Origins to find out!