Anyone Else Hating Mac OSX Mavericks?

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Yes, I know I was complaining about Lion OSX too, but I expect better than these recent OSX upgrades, from a company that claims to be different and pioneers in creative and powerful computing innovations.

That headline might be misleading.  Do I truly HATE Mavericks?  No. Do I hate that Apple has stuck it’s marketing head into the California sand and forgot that you choose a concept and name for a product that’s exciting to sell the product!  That you don’t pick your whole identity of your OS based on a stupid idea, from someone who has power at Apple, that likes the California “surf spot” beach names.  That’s so lame, esoteric and lacking understanding of Apple’s customer base that I hope if Steve Jobs were here, he would smack you and send you packing!  Really, what’s the thinking here?  Think about it…

Do you want to say “Yes I am using the Mac Viper OSX software” or “Yes, I am using the Mac Newport OSX software.”  Really?

Which is better:  “I am using the Pacific OS” or the “Centaur OS”, or the “Zeus OS” or anything else users would think is cool besides stupid beaches in California.  It doesn’t have to be macho, just not weird and obscure.  If Apple thinks it doesn’t matter, they might want to reflect on why they have the things they do in the market, it might have a bit to do with brand perception, image and marketing that image.

Name aside, what is it that I am supposed to like better in Mavericks over Snow Leopard, Lion or Mountain Lion?  I see nothing except losing things I like and more crap I don’t care about!  I don’t want my computer to act just like my iPhone!  I have an iPhone!  Connectivity between the two is not even close to my most important need in a desktop and laptop machine and OS!  How about better code, so it’s really fast on 64 bit machines or better controllers of the throughput through the ports and mother board?  Maybe practical utilities that are part of the system that enhance the machine as a workstation?

If there was a good alternative rather than Linux or Windows 8, which are just as bad in their own ways, I might depart from you Mac.  A few more OS releases like Mavericks, we might all just die of boredom instead of going anywhere.  We may all be slowly lulled into submission, until we all think that all computers should act like big mobile phones (iPads).

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