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Easy GIF to MOV Conversion

Hey All,

Nothing like being too busy to keep up! Yikes!

Ran into this question, but the web had no simple answer I could find quickly, so here it is:

Q. How do I convert animated GIF files into MOV files on a Mac?

A. If you have Quicktime Pro 7.6.9 or another recent version, it will let you open, save and edit the file. It has to be the Pro version, the new and crappy, disabled, free version doesn’t do it (of much else the old Pro version does).

You do have to buy or own QuickTime Pro, but you should anyway. 🙂

Live Video Interview On-Line

Hi All,

Last week we interviewed Marketing Director, Marshall Johnson of Pink Mist Tech,  live on My Video for the Web class at Minnesota School of Business did the whole thing. They arranged the lights and set, cameras, mixer, hook-up to Ustrem, script and interview. They did the whole thing in one week using MSB equipment and studios. I was there to guide and assist in overall direction and coordination.  I was quite proud of them. It’s not 100% perfect, but is really good under these circumstances.

Here’s the video and the link:

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Will Flash Rise from the Ashes as Edge?

Hey People,

Is anyone else out there using Adobe Edge? It looks like Adobe’s response to “Flash is Dead.”

The alpha is free on-line at Adobe’s site.

Is Flash dead? What do you think? It sure has a big installed user base! I hope we see an adaptation from Adobe to be compliant with the new HTML5 and CSS3 standards.

It seems Adobe might be transitioning over to Edge. If you do the Edge tutorials there is a lot of reference to “If you know Flash…”.

That sure is a lot of ActionScript never to be used again! But, based on CS5 Flash, it might be for the best!

Am I the only one who hated the whole “This is the “new way Flash works” thing? Classic tweeens baby!!!

Anyway, would love to hear your opinions, as long as they make sense and are not psycho.  🙂

Plan Ahead to Save Money

It sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how many times this happens…

Make storyboards of what you plan to shoot!

The best way to save money on your next photo shoot or video is spend the extra time to create tight and detailed storyboards. It’s much cheaper to create storyboards than to re-shoot video or photos because of poor planning.

Adobe After Effects

Hey all! Working with getting back up to speed with Adobe After Effects for film and video. Flash is a great tool for many on-line applications, but the power of After Effects for video production is amazing! Looking forward to more on it’s on-line applications. I’ll let you know cool things I discover along the way that may be of use.

Using On-line Photo Tools

Want a fast and easy way to post your photo albums on-line for business or family use?

Here are a list of some good on-line sites for photo albums, slideshows and sharing on-line: