Protect Your Rights!

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Show your stance on social issues in a way that makes a difference: Your financial support. This link contains links to and descriptions of organizations and agencies that are reputable…

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Airbrush Wolf

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Before there was Photoshop, there was airbrush! I remember spending many hour learning to airbrush, until I discovered Photoshop. It was amazing what you could do with it compared to a…

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Unplug and Verify!

Verify every variable before presenting to your potential customer! Many things can be different between your office and a presentation room. These are things you may not notice or take for granted, until…

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Words & Image Artwork

And Now for Something Completely Different... There is some great history and fiction about ancient Rome.  An excellent and immersive series is the extensive "S.P.Q.R." series by John Maddox Roberts.  If…

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