Where are the basic business practices?

Common complaints from customers about their experiences working with website designers:
The following are the most common complaints I hear and my responses about how we do business:

  • The designer doesn’t call us back or respond to emails.

We check texts, messages and email daily and respond directly and quickly.

  • They said they were a website designer, but they don’t know what they’re doing.

We have been designing websites, digital media and marketing for over 20 years and I have taught digital media and design at a college level for six years. Unfortunately there are “website designers” out there who just install WordPress or buy some software and call themselves a “website designer”

  • They don’t care if the website has problems, even when they are told about it!

We care very much about everything we create and our customers. We are primarily are a word-of-mouth business and your opinion means very much to us.

  • They did a poor quality job for a fairly low price, but the website isn’t presentable and they won’t fix it or refund our money.

We take pride in our work. That would be unethical and something we don’t do. I’m always sorry to hear a customer had that experience.

  • They did a basic job, but now want significant amounts of money to finish it.

Our estimates are very clear, we define our work, the project and hourly rates, etc. There are no surprises at the end of the project. Some web designers will underbid on projects to get the project, then later add on expensive fees to finish the work and hold the client’s website hostage.

  • They have another full time job which is their priority and don’t keep up on our website.

We have multiple clients, but I am committed to my customers. Casey Digital Design which is my only full time business. I understand the need for a full time job, but their employer deserves their attention and commitment.  The customer also deserves the complete commitment of the website designer to devote quality effort and attention to their project.

  • They designed our website the way they wanted and didn’t listen to what we needed.

When we design a website with our client, their goals define the “function” or the core concept that is our guide for designing the “form” or website. We work together with our customers and I assist them in creating the digital communications and website design that works for them.

  • They can’t be reached and we can’t gain access to anything!

We share and communicate everything we’re working on with our customers. I never liked the idea of the “webmaster” that keeps control of everything.

  • We want to leave, but the designer won’t give us the passwords or basic website files.

When we complete a project, we provide all passwords, usernames and a database/file backup of the entire website to our client on DVD disk.  If all fees have been paid for the website, the client should have access to all relevant usernames, passwords and files. * Check your original agreement on ownership of the website design itself. In some cases it is the intellectual property of the designer by default.