Will Flash Rise from the Ashes as Edge?

Hey People,

Is anyone else out there using Adobe Edge? It looks like Adobe’s response to “Flash is Dead.”

The alpha is free on-line at Adobe’s site.

Is Flash dead? What do you think? It sure has a big installed user base! I hope we see an adaptation from Adobe to be compliant with the new HTML5 and CSS3 standards.

It seems Adobe might be transitioning over to Edge. If you do the Edge tutorials there is a lot of reference to “If you know Flash…”.

That sure is a lot of ActionScript never to be used again! But, based on CS5 Flash, it might be for the best!

Am I the only one who hated the whole “This is the “new way Flash works” thing? Classic tweeens baby!!!

Anyway, would love to hear your opinions, as long as they make sense and are not psycho.  🙂