Why Won’t iTunes Put My Songs Together?

A big collection of digital music in iTines can easily become a mess.

Sometimes when you try to assemble your songs into an album format, iTunes may refuse the changes to the song tags even when you have manually reset them!

Here is a trick I have used successfully many times to collect many divided songs into one album, whether iTunes agrees, there are mislabeled or conflicting fields or not:


Find the two albums you want together for whatever reason.
Choose the Album name you want for all of them.
In this case I used “English Graffiti [Deluxe]”


Next use the Shift, Control or Command keys to select them both..

Right click to choose “get info”

You will see a screen similar to this one.


Make sure there is only one reference to the artist name and album.

The fields: album artist, composer, grouping, disc numbers should all be empty

Next, check “album is a compilation” whether it is or not.

Click “ok”

Check the album in iTunes and it should have combined them together into one album.

If not reopen the “get info”window and deselect the compilation box and that should do it.

After combining your songs into one album,

Reopen the “get info” box and uncheck the “part of a compilation”

Click ok again.

That should do it!

Now you can reopen the album’s songs and using “get info”, edit your individual tracks information as you wish.

Hope someone may find some value in this. Sure has helped me manage a big library of music.